Reverse Osmosis Process

“Natural Pure” Drinking Water is processed by reverse osmosis.

The process starts with the water being filtered by sediment and activated charcoal filters in order to remove all chemicals from the water. The water is then forced under extreme pressure into a vessel holding the thin film membrane and the water is propelled through it. The membrane is able to remove all of the dissolved solids in the water.

The last step in treating the water is having it pass through a ultra-violet light unit that removes any airborne bacteria. Once the water has been treated it is again filtered then held in suspension until it is dispensed.

This process makes “Natural Pure” Drinking Water the highest quality product on the market.

  Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5  
Approved Municipal Water Source—> Sediment Filter—> Activated Carbon Filters—> Ultra-thin Membrane—> Ultra-violet Light—> Post Filter—>  

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